3rd annual BlueTech Cluster Gathering

Monday Cluster Convening.jpg

November 6th (8:00am - 7:00pm)

Location: Scripps Institution of Oceanography

For a comprehensive agenda and list of speakers, click here (PDF)

After two years of hosting BlueTech cluster gatherings during BlueTech Week and many conference calls, The Maritime Alliance helped launch the BlueTech Cluster Alliance (BTCA) in January 2017 that now includes 9 clusters from 7 countries (Canada, Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain, UK and US).  The clusters will leverage differences in their structures, funding sources and areas of focus to promote sustainable, science-based ocean and water industries. BTCA will advance cluster-to-cluster and B2B collaboration “…through events and initiatives that promote the Blue Economy and share common goals of fostering economic development, innovation and scientific discovery in the maritime domain.” BTCA will be expanding membership to other BlueTech clusters that promote international cross-cluster collaboration.

The 3rd annual BlueTech cluster gathering is expected to attract representatives of 15-18 organized clusters and clusters in formation from at least 9 countries (Brazil, Canada, France, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, South Africa, UK and U.S.) and 8 states (Alaska, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Washington State), and will focus on both ocean and water technology clusters.

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