BlueTech Week 2016

"Case Studies of Collaboration"

BlueTech Week 2016 attracted 390 individuals from 10 countries and included 6 events over 5 days including:

  • 2nd annual BlueTech Cluster Convening (PDF agenda)

  • “Big Data, Data Analytics, OceanGIS and Maritime Cyber” (PDF agenda) - co-hosted with Scripps Institution of Oceanography

  • 8th annual BlueTech Summit & Tech Expo (PDF agenda)

  • Blue Economy Workforce of Tomorrow (PDF agenda)

  • Annual Maritime Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony (PDF flyer)

  • 1st BlueTech PitchFest (PDF agenda)

Monday Cluster Convening.jpg

2nd annual BlueTech Cluster Convening

The BlueTech Cluster Alliance ( launched in January 2017 as the outcome of a series of meetings in person and through teleconference that began with a convening of clusters during the annual BlueTech Week in 2015 and continued during BlueTech Week 2016, put on by The Maritime Alliance.  Formal clusters and clusters-in-formation convened to discuss areas of collaboration, coordination, information sharing and a mutual vision that highlights the role of BlueTech clusters.  The 2016 convening was held aboard the Berkeley, an historic ferryboat in the care of the San Diego Maritime Museum.

“Big Data, Data Analytics, OceanGIS & Maritime Cyber”

Full-day program co-hosted with the UCSD Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)

Every edition of the annual BlueTech Week since 2015 has included one full day co-hosted with SIO focused a different important theme each year. In 2015, we focused on “BioMarine & Maritime Robotics”.  In 2016, the theme was “Big Data, Data Analytics, OceanGIS & Maritime Cyber Security” because we know the ocean represents a sea of data, and the 1-day conference aimed to promote collaboration and sharing among those interested in gathering, analyzing, utilizing and protecting the data.


Summit 2016 CTO Panel.jpg

8th annual BlueTech Summit & Tech Expo

The heart of BlueTech Week includes a 2-day BlueTech Summit & Tech Expo that includes a series of keynote speakers, panel discussions, networking and a tech expo.  BlueTech Week 2016 included panels that focused on "Case Studies of Collaboration" across a series of topics and highlighting the international aspect of the growing Blue Economy.  We were pleased to highlight Dr. Edel O'Connor from Ireland who presented the Irish "Our Ocean Wealth Strategy" as keynote speaker on Day 1.  Day 2 featured Mark Berry, Maritime Systems Division Head from the U.S. Navy's SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific as keynote.

8th annual Maritime Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony

For one evening during BlueTech Week, we take an opportunity to honor those individuals and organizations that accomplished something of note in the previous year to help promote the Blue Economy.  California State Controller Betty Yee and Matt Mulrennan, Director of Ocean Initiatives for the XPRIZE Foundation provided remarks, and helped congratulate awardees.  The 2016 Awardees included:

  • Alliance Building: Commercial Fishing Steering Group & Gafcon

  • Educational Outreach: San Diego Unified School District

  • Environmental Leadership: San Diego Working Waterfront Group

  • International Maritime Partner of the Year: IMERC/Marine Institute (Ireland)

  • Marine Science Teaching: Debra Brice, San Marcos Middle School

  • Maritime Community Leadership: Steve Frailey

  • Robert & Laura Kyle Chair in Maritime History: Dr. Stephen A. Colston

  • Sustainable Seafood Award: Pacifico Aquaculture

  • TMA Cluster Supporter of the Year: San Diego City Council President Sherri Lightner



Blue Economy Workforce of Tomorrow

Education and Workforce Development are critical drivers for the Blue Economy so we developed a separate track for educators, industry and NGOs during BlueTech Week to focus on the intersection of education and industry.  Thanks to our corporate sponsors, we are usually able to allow teachers and school administrators to attend free-of-charge.

BlueTech Investors Day

TMA hosted a BlueTech Investors Day to bring together start-up and scale-up companies to present in front of potential investors or corporate partners.  Mark Spalding, CEO of The Ocean Foundation, provided opening keynote remarks and moderated the discussion.  Each company was allowed six minutes to present a slide deck, then a panel of judges had six additional minutes to ask questions or provide comment.  In total, we had 17 companies present including Advanced Environmental Group, American Wave Machines, Assure Controls, Aquam (now Aquacycl), Bangalore Robotics, BioLargo, Clear Blue Seas, Oscillating BioFiltration System for Aquaculture, Exocetus Autonomous Systems, Float Inc., Highwave Ocean Energy, IMET Clean Fuel Saver, Optec, ONav & Geopixel, Planck Aerosystems, SeaBorne Farms, SmartFin, Swell Advantage and SubUAS.

PitchFest 2016 Audience.jpg