BlueTech Week 2017

"Smart Ocean, Smart Water"

The 9th annual BlueTech Week in 2017 attracted 496 registered attendees representing 95 companies from 16 countries, including 18 BlueTech clusters and "clusters-in-formation from 11 countries and 7 U.S. states.  In total, there were seven events over 5 days including:

  • 3rd annual BlueTech Cluster Convening (PDF agenda)

  • Intersection of the Blue Economy & the Space Economy (PDF program) - co-hosted with Scripps Institution of Oceanography

  • 9th annual BlueTech Summit & Tech Expo (PDF program)

  • Blue Economy Workforce of Tomorrow

  • 9th annual Maritime Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony (PDF program)

  • UK-US Maritime Robotics Inter-Operability Workshop and Live Demonstration (by invitation only)

  • 2nd annual BlueTech Investors Day (PDF program)

BlueTech Week - Cluster Day Group Photo.jpg

3rd annual BlueTech Cluster Convening

The 2017 BlueTech Cluster Convening was held at the world-leading Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and included 18 clusters from 11 countries and 7 U.S. states.  This annual gathering is a forum for regional clusters, including members of the global BlueTech Cluster Alliance ( that launched in January 2017 as the outcome of a series of meetings that began with a Cluster Convening during the annual BlueTech Week in 2015 , put on by TMA.  Craig McLean, acting Chief Scientist of NOAA served as facilitator to promote discussion of common themes and areas of possible collaboration among BlueTech clusters. 

Intersection of the Blue Economy & the Space Economy

Full-day Program Co-hosted with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography

The Ocean Economy in 2010 was valued at $1.5 trillion as a conservative estimate by the OECD in 2016.  Comparatively, the global value of the Space Economy was $355 billion.  Together, the intersection of the Blue Economy and the Space Economy represents a massive and growing opportunity in areas of gathering data and ocean observation, marine spatial planning, e-navigation and the autonomous ship, combating illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing, and new commercial opportunities.  We welcomed Dr. Jessica Meir, PhD alumna in Marine Biology from SIO and NASA Astronaut, to provide keynote remarks followed by excellent panel discussions.

Space Economy Day - Astronaut Dr Jessica Meir.jpg

BlueTech Summit - Drew Stephens and Panel.jpg

9th annual BlueTech Summit & Tech Expo

A new venue and expanded tracks allowed the 2-day BlueTech Summit & Tech Expo within BlueTech Week to take on a new look and feel.  Keeping with the theme of "Smart Ocean, Smart Water," there were tracks on Smart Ports, Smart Shipping, Smart Water, and the Blue Economy Workforce of Tomorrow.  Meanwhile, the UK Consulate hosted a UK-US Maritime Robotics Collaborative Opportunities Workshop on Day 2 for invited guests. Pal Somdalen, Commercial Counselor for the Norwegian Embassy, presented the Norwegian Ocean Strategy in keynote remarks on Day 1 and was introduced by Kim Tuminaro, Senior Trade Officer for the U.S. State Department.

9th annual Maritime Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony

This year, more than 270 guests boarded the Hornblower Inspiration for an evening sail and dinner cruise around San Diego Bay while honoring those individuals and organizations that accomplished something of note in the previous year to help promote the Blue Economy.  The keynote speaker, Craig McLean, acting Chief Scientist of NOAA, delivered his outlook on the Blue Economy and helped deliver plaques to the following 2017 Awardees:

  • Alliance Building - Port of Seattle and the State of Washington

  • Educational Outreach - San Diego Workforce Partnership

  • Environmental Leadership - Fugro & Planck Aerosystems (joint project)

  • International Maritime Partner of the Year: U.S. Department of Commerce / International Trade Administration

  • Marine Science Teaching: Steve Walters, Mission Bay High School

  • Maritime Community Leadership: Gnostech

  • Robert & Laura Kyle Chair in Maritime History: Dr. David Ringrose

  • Sustainable Seafood Award: Catalina Offshore Products

  • TMA Cluster Supporter of the Year: Bryan Bjorndal

Maritime Gala Dinner - UK Delegation.jpg

TMA Workforce Development Students.jpg

Blue Economy Workforce of Tomorrow

Education and Workforce Development are critical drivers for the Blue Economy so we developed a separate track for educators, industry and NGOs during BlueTech Week to focus on the intersection of education and industry.  Thanks to our corporate sponsors, we are usually able to allow teachers and school administrators attend free-of-charge.

UK-US Inter-Operability Workshop

A workshop facilitated by the UK’s Royal Navy, and hosted by the UK Government Office in San Diego, TMA, and the UK’s National Oceanography Center. Participants explored collaborative opportunities with representatives from: the UK’s Royal Navy; the US Navy; the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory; the UK’s Department for Transport; the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency; the UK’s National Oceanography Centre; the US Coast Guard, NOAA and other US federal agencies; US and UK maritime robotics companies, policy makers, researchers; and more.

UK-US Interoperability Workshop.jpg

Live Demo - Planch_Wam-V.jpg

Live Demonstration of Maritime Robotics on San Diego Bay

A live demonstration of maritime robotics companies from Canada, the UK and the US showcasing inter-operability of maritime systems for senior officials from the UK Royal Navy, US Navy, Coast Guard, NOAA and other US Federal Agencies.  Demonstrations were coordinated in San Diego Bay near the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

BlueTech Investors Day

For the second year, The Maritime Alliance hosted a BlueTech Investors Day to bring together start-up and scale-up companies to present in front of potential investors or corporate partners.  Each company was allowed six minutes to present a slide deck, then a panel of judges had six additional minutes to ask questions or provide comment.  In total, we had 23 companies present including Admiral Fluidics Corp., Anekonnect, Assure Controls, Blue Tribe, Earthwise Sorbents, Exocetus Autonomous Systems, Graphite Innovation & Technology, GNRation, GroGuru, Hydrokinetic Energy & Storage, KnotMyYacht, Marine Advanced Research, Marine Construction Technologies, Ocean Manager, OceanMind, Ocean Wings UAS,, Principle Power, Resolute Marine, Trevi Systems, WT Industries, and XST Inc.

BlueTech PitchFest - Judges Panel.jpg