Inter-Operability Demonstration

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November 9th (12:30pm - 4:30pm)

A live demonstration of 15-20 BlueTech companies from Canada, the UK and the US showcasing inter-operability of maritime systems for senior officials from the UK Royal Navy, US Navy, Coast Guard, NOAA and other US Federal Agencies.  Demonstrations will be coordinated in San Diego Bay near the Maritime Museum of San Diego.  

HMG (UK) Delegation:

  • Mark Atkinson – Royal Navy, Counter Mine Measures
  • Jim Beaton – Royal Navy, Assistant Naval Attaché
  • André Cocuccio – Assistant Director, Navigation Safety at UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency
  • Matthew Crane – Head of Maritime Safety Delivery, Preparedness and Resilience
  • Claire McAllister, DfT – Head of Maritime Safety and Environment Division
  • Richard McHugh – Royal Navy, Marine S&T Lead, British Embassy
  • Rachel Roberts - Transportation & Infrastructure Policy Advisor, British Embassy
  • Peter Pipkin – Royal Navy – Robotics Fleet Office
  • Philip Smith - DSTL Above Water Systems Programme Manager
  • Ian Strachan (RN) – RN / DSTL (Science Gateway)

UK Science & Innovation Delegation:

  • Jon Downes - University of Southampton, Ship Science and Maritime Engineering
  • David Lane - Heriot-Watt University
  • Ian McFadzen – CEO of Plymouth Marine Science Park
  • Alan J. Murphy - Newcastle University
  • Wasif Naeem - Queen's University Belfast

A sample of confirmed senior officials from the United States:

  • Richard W. Chandler - US Navy, OPNAV N94, Directorate for Innovation, Technology Requirements and T&E
  • Carl Gouldman - NOAA, Director, US IOOS
  • Luke Holian - US Marine Corps, Section Head, Logistics Vision & Strategy Branch, HQMC, DC I&L
  • Capt. Hans Lynch - US Navy N95
  • Admiral Shepard Smith – NOAA, Director, Ocean and Coastal Survey

A sample of confirmed senior officials from Canada:

  • Lieutenant-Commander Roh Gulati 0 Director Naval Platform Systems, Royal Canadian Navy

Please complete this interest form below if you are interested in being considered to showcase your company during the live demonstration.  Please note, we are charging $250 per company in order to defray costs.

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